200: L.S.I.B.P. // April 11, 2015

The Final Episode.

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Ian and Dann!

198: Sonukkah // March 27, 2015

Hosted by Jeff, Dann and Ian!

197: Witch Quest // March 21, 2015

Hosted by Jeff, Dann and Ian!

196: Dante, Speak! // March 13, 2015

With Dante back in the mix, the boys josh and
poke fun and do sillies like the good olde days!

Hosted by the Fantasic Four!

195: Bitanic // March 5, 2015

This podcast as you know it is ending, but that doesn't
mean we're quitting! IC3 is becoming Distinguished Gentlemen
in 5 episodes, which means some things are changing...firstly
our Twitter is now @DSTNGSHD ("Distinguished" sans vowels) so
go follow us if you're not already!

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!

194: Earth Fruits Are Easy // February 26, 2015

This episode would have been perfect for Sodascussions,
as Jeff invents a new beverage and Ian names it! Find
out where Jeff is really from, which conspiracies are
not just theories, but true, and also where Dante's been!
All of this and a little bit more on this week's IC3!

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!

193: John with the Wind // February 20, 2015

As the fires of IC3 slowly dwindle to nothing
but a smoldering pile of ash, John joins us to
talk about the male body. That's it.

Hosted by Ian, Jeff, and Dann!
With a guy name John, also!

192: The Swervecage // February 12, 2015

Join Dann in the therapy chair as we sort out his
addiction to lying and being airless. Once you're
nice and comfy ya better stand up and check your
b-holes because you may have a surprise in there!

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

191: Mice Casino // February 6, 2015

T Minus 9 episodes and counting.

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

190: The Unbearable Lightness of Roast Beef // January 30, 2015

With only 10 episode left until the big two-zero-zero,
the boys allude to making an announcement about the
thing that I just typed.

We talk about nothing, mostly, and then we're joined
by an old friend to talk about a new movie based on
an old movie with a new cast, that is the opposite
gender of the old cast.

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
With special Plugs guest Steve O. from The All-New anti-Fanboy Podcast!

189: Colin Flowers // January 13, 2015

Why do ___ have ___ feet?
If you earmuff it, you'll miss it!

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
With special guest host Colin Flowers!

188: The Friendcast II: Jeff it Up; Gettin' Dante With It // January 16, 2015

Three-hundred and sixty days have past since the first
Friendcast, so now it is appropriate for IC3 to come
full circle (GEOMETRY!!!) and bring you another episode
of two real life friends, having real life chats!

Hosted by neither Jeff nor Dante!

187: The 2014 Incompy Awards...Sorta. // January 9, 2015

This is our fourth annual annual wrap up so we wanted
to spice things up a bit, starting with using the word
"annual" twice in a row. We're doing things different
this year to bring more laughs and less comics, just
like you all want...and need!

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Ian, and in his first Incompy's appearance: Dann!

186: A Silly // December 30, 2014

Join Jeff and Ian as they recap the year of IC3!
From feuds to funnings, to new bits and banters,
laughs will happen, and you will...do something
that rhymes with banters?!

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!

185: SUPERCOOTIE // December 25, 2014


Hosted by Jeff, Ian, and Dann!

184: Inch by Inch, Life's a Cinch // December 17, 2014

Steel Drum Traps, Pussy (with a capital "P", ya pervs!),
jimmy taps, demon summoning, and men we would kiss are all
topics we touch on in this Christmas season episode of IC3!

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, and Dann!

183: A Week Off // December 11, 2014

If we were able to record this week, we would have
talked about Jeff's newest roommate and the perils
of their mysterious relationship, Quidditch, and I
assume comics, maybe with a dash of battle rapping
and Ian's ancestry. This is all just a hunch, since
we absolutely did not record this week.

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, and Dann!

182: Co-Friends // December 5, 2014

We get to the bottom of the pickled cucumber industry's
secret plan, and figure out to get the price of maple syrup down.

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

181: Socky Balboa // November 27, 2014

In this episode we are introduced to Jeff's new bestie!

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

180: 312 // November 20, 2014

All I remember about recording this episode was some in depth Animorphs analysis.

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

179: Comb on My Face // November 13, 2014

Combs and Popcorn.

Hosted by Ian, Dann, and Jeff!

178.5: Doctor Who Season GR8 // November 10, 2014

Join Jeff and Dante as they discuss everything
that happened in the latest season of Doctor Who!

178: Coyote // November 7, 2014

This week we talk about licking floors!

Hosted by the whole gang!

177: Dub Sev Dueces // Halloween!, 2014

Join us for another spooky adventure while learning how to math!

Hosted by Jeffreddy Krueger, SkeletIan, and introducing Danimal!

176: Lycan & Garfunkel // October 24, 2014

The greatest folk duo of all time has been hiding a
secret from you! Why has Paul Simon's career lasted
in the public eye for the last 40 years and Art Garf
(we boys, I can call him that) has unexpectedly stayed
in the shadows, unseen from anyone but God and moonlight?
He's a werewolf.

Other topics are the waterbed resurgence, the ceviche
betrayal, friendship, and soldering!

Hosted by Jeff, Dann, and Ian!

175: Dante Was Funny. // October 16, 2014

Dann and Dante have both returned to DESTROY what the
world considers to be "podcast normative"! The funny
was brought by all parties, but noticably by Dante who
is known as being the guy who you accidentally hear
tell a joke a party and have to figure a way to pretend
you didn't hear so you give a toothy smirk, grab your
solo cup and scoot RIGHT the fuck outta there!

Ian came on to talk about comics, which I'm sure every
one gives a dook about.

Hosted by Dann, Dante, Jeff and Ian!

174: A Conversation with Jeff and Ian 2: Conversing Harder // October 7, 2014

In the final hours before NYCC Jeff and Ian sit down and
intimately discuss appropriate joke telling, scattling,
why the goof tank's empty and how to start a conversation!

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!

173: You Down With O.P.P.? (Other People's Pants) // October 3, 2014

This week on the show the boys talk shoe shop and,
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, how you fit in dem jeans?!

Ian and John talk about some comics, but at
this point, who cares? I mean, really?

Hosted by Ian and Jeff!
Featuring John!

172: Pasta Party // September 25, 2014

After his incessant whining about not being invited on IC3
enough, John from the thankfully dead podcast Burnt Weiners,
joins us for his 4th? 5th? time. I don't know. He's ok, I

Oh yeah! We have a new theme song! YAY!

Saga #23
Roche Limit #1
Wayward #2

Hosted by Ian and Jeff!
Featuring John!

171: Cranstonberry & Vodka // September 19, 2014

THE ALEX JO....wait, no. Wrong show.

Join us as we narrate Dante's wild mating ritual and
talk about Godzilla and comics, I guess.

Comic List goes here.
Where is it? Who cares?

Hosted by Dann, Ian, and Jeff!

170: IC3 Years // September 11, 2014

Thanks to everyone who's listened to or been a part of
this tiny, unremarkable show for the last three years,
its been a lot of fun to make!

We pal around a lot in this episode and bring back a
few old classics! Oh yeah, and some of our minions sent
in some audio praises.

Copperhead #1
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2
MPH #3
Edge of Spider-verse #1
Avengers 34.1
Death of Wolverine #2

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Ian, and Dann!
Featuring Adam!

169: Cuddle Cast // September 5, 2014

If you listen to this podcast from BEGINNING to END,
you’ll know EXACTLY what we think of a certain RWG podcast.

Jeff experiences a great change in his life, and Ian
is apparently a Mastur(batory) Chef.

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Dann, and not Dante Parton!

168: I'm Not A Podder, I Just Cast A Lot // August 27, 2014

AntiFanboy wants to play tic for tac with this rap
song battle? Fuck em...we recorded a mixtape to put
this sad battle in its final resting place.

We also play a bunch of unheard clips and Soundcloud
exclusives featuring us and other people who aren't us!

Hosted by Uncle Jeff, Raspberry Kelly, and Infinite Jell-O!

167: Food for Thot // August 22, 2014

I'm sure comics are discussed somewhere in this episode,
but there are more pressing issues at the forefront, like
how to turn Jeff into a dog, and what kind of food you can
stuff into other kinds of foods, and ratchet ass hoes, and
killin' the podcast and rap games.

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, and Dann!

166: Peanut Butter Tummy & Raspberry Kelly // August 15, 2014

The gauntlet was thrown, and the rebut has been rebutted!
Listen to this episode and be a part of the beef that will
make Shakur v. Smalls look like a small claims court case!

A few comics are discussed, too, but who cares, really?

Hosted by Uncle Jeff, Ian, and Dann!

165: Crisis on Infinite Jeffs // August 7, 2014

"Some men just want to watch the world burn," was written
about Jeff...if he were a man and not a sniveling baby.

This is the episode that 164 episodes, over three years,
has been building up to. The episode that IC3 super-duper
fan Paul Belmont has been waiting for his entire adult

Listen as Jeff finally reaches his tipping point.

Hosted by Ian, Dann, Dante and Jeff and Jeff and Jeff and Jeff and Jeff...!

164: The New Illuminati // July 31, 2014

Alternately titled "Sodascussions, Redux" we get into
wacky soda flavors, SDCC comic book announcements, the
country of Canada, and the fake New World Order!

Low #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #17
The Wake #10
Manhattan Projects #22
Black Science #7

Hosted by Ian, Dann, and Jeff!
With special Plugs guest, Mark from Stuff Like That!

163: Energy // July 25, 2014

This episode is a hodge podge of hodge podginess!

Saga #21
Doctor Who #1
Doctor Who #1
Trees #3

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
With special Plugs guest, Devon from anti-Fanboy!

162: 11.5 Oz. // July 18, 2014

Hold onto your butts, because this episode brings the fun!
John (of Burnt Weiners fame) joins us for plugs, Jeff gets
a job, and someone uses a scale for something! #CRYPTIC

Original Sin #6
The Wicked + the Divine #2
Manifest Destiny #7
Rat Queens #7

Hosted by Ian, Dann, and Jeff!

161: YOLOism // July 10, 2014

This episode answers the most important questions in
life. Like, how much mold is too much mold...to eat?
Or, what kind of vehicle would Nicholas Cage transform
into if he were an Autobot? And of course, why do you
only live once? Also, something about Dann's white butt.

The Life After #1
Spider-man 2099 #1
United States of Murder Inc #3
Superior Foes of Spider-man #13
Wolverine #10

Hosted by Ian, Jeff, and Dann!

160: Towel Talk // July 3, 2014

Alternate episode titles are:

  1. Poop Chair
  2. Shower Talk
  3. Pizza Explosion
  4. Hipster Techno
  5. Turn Down For Butt

Moon Knight #5
The Immortal Iron Fist #4
Legendary Star-Lord #1
Quantum & Woody #12
Original Sin #5

Hosted by Dann, Jeff, and Ian!

159: We Have Nipples: An Interview with Wes Anderson // June 27, 2014

Quite possibly the most musical outing for the podcast
since the original line-up, Episode 159 will bring you
many laugh out loud ("LOL", for you youngsters) moments,
as well some sad moments (":(" for you youngsters). And
comic books, too!

Saga #20
Sex #14
Trees #2
Outcast #1
Deadly Class #6
Superman #32
Shadowman: End Times #3
Ghost Rider #4

Hosted by Dante, Jeff, and Ian!
This episode of The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast is brought to you by organized crime!

158: Solo Bro // June 20, 2014

All four of us are reunited after Dante's six-week hiatus!
Well, we're reunited, kind of. There's some timey-wimey,
wibbly-wobbly shit going on, but you'll hear all of us on
this episode!

We catch up with Dante on his journey to the left coast has
finally slowed to a crawl, and we ask him some questions on
how he slips his D into new V.

Original Sin #4
Punisher #7
MPH #2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time #1
The Wicked and The Divine #1
Sex Criminals #6
Manhattan Projects #21
DrumHellar #6

Hosted by Dante, Jeff, Dann and Ian!

157: DOLPHIXIT! // June 13, 2014

After Jeff calmed down after a pretty violent debate
about the television program "Dinosaurs" with Ian, the
duo talks about lost Beatles albums, a new sport Jeff
was lucky enough to try out, Riff Raff again, and we
have a decent chat about Cyclops #1-2 in addition to
the comic books below!

Armor Hunters #1
Superman / Wonder Woman #9
Starlight #4
Manifest Destiny #7

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!

156: 2Pox // June 6, 2014

Ian almost died from a near-extinct debilitating child
disease, but he didn't, which is good...I guess. He was
holed up in a hospital for a few days and came back with
more information of the USA television network than any
person should ever know.

We're also looking for ideas on how to destroy a copy of
Doctor Spektor #1, so go to our Facebook or Twitter pages,
or leave us a voicemail at (323) 7-BEARDS with how we should
get that piece of shit comic off of this planet.

Big Trouble in Little China #1
Moon Knight #4
The Punisher #6
Painkiller Jane: 22 Brides #1
The Wake #9

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and Dann!

155: ZERO DORK THIRTY // May 30, 2014

Instead of writing a description for this episode
I’ll just throw you some alternate episode titles:

Michelle Obama’s Peg
Pussy Negative
A"dick"ted to Snapchat
Wicker Jeff
Seal Team Sega
Doctor N. Spektor-Gadget
Robot Lawyer Mormon

C.O.W.L. #1
Broken Bottle Boys #2
Mighty Avengers #10
Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1
Deadly Class #5
Trees #1
Harbinger #23
Thanos Annual #1
Dead Body Road #6
Guardians of the Galaxy #15
Chew/Revival #1

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and Dann!
Featuring Caleb and Adam!
With special plugs guest Jonathan Suarez of All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast!

154: Girls Just Want to Build Bricks // May 23, 2014

Jeff's back and he brought with him everything you hate
about IC3! "Impressions!" Yelling! "Singing!" Edited out
racial slurs! The Bauhaus Men! Gauge Boson!

Saga #19
Amazing Spider-man # 2
Axe Cop: American Choppers #1
All-New Doop #2
MPH #1
Original Sin #2
Powers: Bureau #10
Invincible #111

Hosted by Jeff with Ian and Dann in the background!
With special plugs guest Juan Daeho of Super Podcasto Magnifico!

153: Milk Shovel // May 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Jeff here, back from gettin' cray-cray
on vacay-cay! I wasn't able to record this week because
I was busy shoving bad deepdish "pizza" and wieners into
my mouthhole in Chicago, so I once again handed IC3 over
to Ian, and boy he didn't let me down!

Let's compare and contrast the first time I missed recording
(Episode 101) and this episode (Episode 153). Episode 101 was
called "No Dicks Allowed," presumably because I wasn't on the
show and I guess I like to talk about dicks a lot? That was
also Dann's first episode. Now we're at episode 153, Dann is
a full time cast member, I'm not on the show and there is SO

I haven't listened to the full episode yet. I just listened to
the start and ends of the tracks so I could piece together this
penis jigsaw and every time I hit play its Ian and Dann and John
talking about dongs!


FBP #10
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1
Caliban #2
Crossed #53
Andre The Giant

Hosted by Ian and Dann!
With special guest John!

152: FELCCH // May 06, 2014

In an IC3 v2.0 first, we're all recording in person in
the same room together at the same time! We all met at
an undisclosed location in northeastern Pennsylvania
and FELCCHED the night away for the:


No comics are discussed, but we get to the root of Dann's
dad dick, Dante wears questionable technology on his head
area, and so much more! Make sure to stay til the end,
because there might just be a slew of special guests not
mentioned here!

Hosted by all of us!

NOTE: This episode is being posted a few days early, and
episode 153 will be posted a few days late, so bear with us,
we're not quitting like OTHER comic book podcasts.
winky face ;)

151: The Ceiling // May 1, 2014

In this episode we talk about oral expirations, Jeff's
appearance on The Death of Comics, taints, and FELCCH.
Also, our Emerald City Comic Con coverage continues live
at C2E2 via John from Burnt Weiners, which you can hear
ONLY on SoundCloud.com/comiccabal!

We also lay to rest a dear friend of ours, and hopefully
to you, as well. We're introduced to the IC3's silent 5th
member, and get visited by a spirit! Wow. After reading
that not even I would listen to this show. SIKE! I totes
would...AND DO!

The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Vertigo Quarterly One-Shot
Shadowman: End Times #1
Silver Surfer #2
Deadly Class #4
Southern Bastards #1
Chew #41
The Flash Annual #3
Avengers #28
Black Science #6
Rai #1

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Dante and Wink Martindann!

150: The Cabal // April 24, 2014

Thank you guys a million-billion times for listening
and putting up with feeding our egos for 150 episodes!
We've been podcasting almost three years, and the only
thing that keeps us going is...well, do you want to guess?

WRONG! Its not you, the listener...idiot. Its hearing our
own voices! Having our opinions be the right ones! We are
in total control of this shit and NO ONE CAN FUCKING STOP

The Eltingville Club #1
Manhattan Projects #20
Elektra #1
Original Sin #0
Powers: The Bureau #9

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and Dante!

149: Demerits // April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014: Dante! MIA!
Is he injured? Is he dead? Who knows? Who CARES?
The show! Must! GO! ON!

For all this game stepping upping we've been doing
the boys are bound to slip up, and that's where Jeff
has to step in and issue demerits based on poor perfo-
rmance, rule breaking, and shit sipping.

Sinestro #1
God is Dead #11
Translucid #1
Superior Spider-man #31
Solar: Man of the Atom #1
Speed Round:
Captain Action Cat: The TimeStream Catastrophe #1 // D4VE #1-4

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and...Dante?
With special Josh Skydreamer from Rhymes With Geek!
Plugs guest: Shannon Liara of RWG's Top 5!

ECCC: Emerald City Comic Con: whispercast // April 14, 2014

Join Dante on his scrambled adventures at Emerald City
Comic Con! He travels from Seattle to Portland to spread
his heavy-breathed, wispy sadness direct to your ears!

Hosted by Dante with
Tech Jedi from The Mean Geek
and Doctor Fluxx from Feed it Comics!

148.5: The Sadcast V: Minisode // April 11, 2014

Join Jeff and Dante of The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast
on their 5th outing in The Sadcast Series! Take a drive
with them to a comic store as they talk about their
friendship, pooping their pants at a roller rink, past
masturbatory experiences, and the importance of "Weird Al"

Hosted by Dante and Jeff!

148: Rade Šerbedžija // April 10, 2014

Rejoice! For Dante has returned from ECCC! Is he really
an Annunaki reptilian overlord? Probably not! The only
way to really find out is by listening to this episode!

I mean there's other reasons to listen to, like if you
want to hear us briefly talk about Winter Soldier, or
about Ryan Kelly's NEW Funrama issue, or for our plugs
segment featuring a special world famous actor...I mean,
the reasons are literally endless...except that the rea-
sons totally end, like, here.

Funrama #3 www.funramacomic.com
Batman: Eternal #1
All-New Ghost Rider #2
All-New Doop #1
Invincible #110
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dann, Dante and Ian!

147: ICTherapy: Daddy Issues // April 2, 2014

Dann's got some serious daddy issues stemming from
his childhood so Ian and Jeff try to talk him through
it. We also talk about The TMNT Podcast's own James'
latest comic project, and also IC3's own Ian's new
comic! Seriously!

This episode is brought to you by Manny's Mannequins!

Action Johnson
Moon Knight #2
Starlight #2
Black Science #5
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #3

Hosted by Dann, Jeff, and Ian!

James' comic "Action Johnson" can be found at www.actionjohnson.com
Ian's comic "Skip Tracer" can be found at www.issuu.com/ianmondrick

146: Salvador Dolly Lama Parton // March 27, 2014

There's a very important gummy-candle update, some bad
jokes, and TONS of dishwashing at the Dante household!
And plugs! Plugs, also! Wait...am I plugging plugs? Yep!

So expect some hearty bellylaughs while listening to
episode 146 of The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast!

All-New Ghost Rider #1
Sandman: Overture #2
Superior Spider-man #30
Furious #3
Silver Surfer #1

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Dann and Dante!

145: Gummy Bear Alchemy // March 21, 2014

We're joined this week by longtime friend of the show and
Rhymes With Geek cohort Doctor Fluxx of Feed It Comics! We
tackle a bunch of fun topics and hear about yet another one
of Ian's old bands all while defending ourselves from a one
time ally who has declared war on us!

Daredevil #1
Ms. Marvel #2
Sovereign #1
Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
With special guest Doctor Fluxx!

144: WORDBURGLAR: The IC3 Interview // March 18, 2014

So we’ve all wanted to do interviews on IC3 for a while now,
but with all the game-stepping-up that’s been going on in 2014,
the time never seemed better. here’s the first of what we hope
is a monthly feature for you guys: The Interview.

And we kept it next-level with our first guest: The original
verb hurdler, the nerd interpreter, the verbal silver surfer-er,
the one and only WORDBURGLAR. He jumped on Skype with Ian and
Dann to talk about all the comics he’s reading (a lot), his new
album ‘Welcome to Cobra Island’ (it’s awesome), and try to guess
where some of his samples came from! (we fail).

Check him out at:
And the man responsible for the awesome beat we used, Beatmason:

143: ICP on IC3 143 // March 14, 2014

You know how sometimes comic companies will solicit
a book with a tagline like, "Next Issue: SOMEONE. WILL.

Well this episode's tagline is:
"This Episode: A HOST. WAS ONCE. A JUGGALO!" and its your
job to figure out who, before he recites the Ten Juggalo
Commandments bestowed upon the world by the Great Jugghovah!

Jeff also lets the rest of the cast in on who one of the
biggest crime lords New England's ever known is, and we
announce an exciting upcoming feature on IC3!

Captain Marvel #1
Batman #29
Manifest Destiny #5
Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Dann and Ian!

142: Pizza Crust Horseshoes // March 7, 2014

This episode's got it all! Its got: Arrow! Its got: Drama!
Its got: Plugs! Its got: Homeless people! Its got: Ian's
old grunge band! Its got: Lubrication! Its got: Ru Paul?

Moon Knight #1
Starlight #1
Earth-2 #21
Quantum and Woody: Goat #0

Hosted by Jeff, Dante and Ian!
This episode of IC3 is actually, seriously, no joke, sponsored by: Kanojo Toys!

141: The 5th Ghostbuster // February 27, 2014

The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast is entering a brand new
era of their journey into podcasting history with this
episode! As we move on from the shell of a comic podcast
we once were, we decided it would be a good idea to start
interviewing people you should hear about. People with a
profound influence on the media you love, that you may
not even know about! That's why Ian and Dann sit down
with the long-forgotten FIFTH GHOSTBUSTER!

Also, Jeff tries to sing again and we do more plugs, but who
the fuck cares when you've got a Ghostbuster to listen to!

Fantastic Four #1
Chew #40
The Wake #6
Manhattan Projects #18
Revenge #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dann and Ian!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi!

140: DICKHAMMER // February 21, 2014

Yipee-doo! We're back! I mean, its expected, we do this
every week...but, like...we didn't kill ourselves, so
that's something. Right?

Ian has this week off, so we replaced him with IC3 featured
player Dann and The TMNT Podcast co-host James, and we chat
about the new Fantastic Four cast, the Guardians of the Galaxy
trailer, Crossfire spin-off games, the Holocaust, Jr., we
introduce a brand new industry unto future Earth, vegans,
blumpkins, and then some comics!

PS: My microphone clipped a lot this episode. Sorry.

New Warriors #1
Wonder Woman #28
Undertow #1
The Punisher #2
God is Dead #7
Fuse #1
Supergirl #28 / The Bunker #1 / Curse #2 / Alex and Ada #4

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Dann and James!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: the Knowledge Exchange Store!

139: Goof // February 14, 2014

Join Jeff and Ian as they blab on about what they
usually blab on about...so, like...comics and men's
private parts. Ughhh. When will IC3 just stop, like,
being a podcast?

Meanwhile! Vladimir Putin forms an alliance with an
(un)expected ally! All of this and more on this week's

X-Force #1
Mercenary Sea #1
Batman #28
Kick-Ass 3 #6

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: the 2014 Winter Olympics!

138: Pirates of the Podcaspian Sea: Curse of the Jolly Frotter // February 7, 2014

Join the boys on an adventure of a lifetime as they
journey into the world of cologne, penis measuring,
and anger, while being visited by an old guest of IC3!

Ms. Marvel #1
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1
Punisher #1
Green Lantern / Red Lanterns #28
Wolverine #1
Forever Evil #5

Hosted by Captain Crunch, The Dread Pirate Redcheeks, and their gay parrot!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: Stamps.com!

137: Slash Maraud // January 31, 2014

This is a special episode for us. It's Ian's 1 year
anniversary of being lucky enough to be a host of the
flagship show on the Rhymes With Geek podcast network:
The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast!

In celebration, Dante and Jeff serenade him, we talk
about X-Men movies, CAPSLOCK gives us the skinny on
Jeff's wang, and Dante breathes slightly less loud
than usual!

Slash Maraud #4 (of 6)
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1
The Sixth Gun #38
Saga #18
Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW
Black Science #3

Hosted by Ian, Dante, and Jeff!
With a special rare appearance by CAPSLOCK!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: Mallomars, by Nabisco!

Children of the Podcast - Pilot // January 25, 2014

Behold! The pilot episode of Children of the Podcast...
...in its entirety! Continue the sad adventures of Adam,
the comedy of Caleb, and the tawdry sexploitations of
Tardy that you got a taste of in episode 136 of IC3!

Or don't. You're probably better off if you don't.

Hosted by Adam, Caleb, and Tardy!

136: What Dreams May Cum // January 24, 2014

"If walls could talk!" That is a saying. Now imagine
if said walls contained a meeting between Jeff and
his psychiatrist, and then you were hanging out with
the walls at a party and they drank, like, WAY too
many wine coolers and spilled all the juicy deets
about the aforementioned meeting. Well that's the
same thing as listening to this episode of IC3.

That's not all, though. In this episode you get to
hear clips from fan favorite Caleb, and fan opposite
of favorite Adam's new show, "Children of the Podcast!"

Deadly Class #1
Eternal Warrior #5
Dead Body Road #2
Hacktivist #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, and Ian!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: ICY HOT

135: RETURN of the KING // January 16, 2014

In 2013, tragedy after tragedy occured:
Boston was attacked by religious psychopaths.
We were given proof that the government spies on us.
Nelson Mandela, a living symbol of freedom, left this world.
My Little Pony was still a thing.

All of this, this...HORROR...all because of one
man's absence from the best comic book podcast.

To this we say NO MORE! NO! Not this year!
Not in 2014! THIS. ENDS. NOW!!!

Our King has returned to save the planet...

God is Dead #5
Alex + Ada #3
Doctor Who Special 2013
Shadowman #13x
Rat Queens #4

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Sad Adam and our Glorious King!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by: SQUATTY POTTY, KANOJO TOYS, and SADBOT 5.0!

134: The Friendcast I: The Next Generation; Voyaging the Final Frontier // January 10, 2014

So it’s just me (Ian [Me-an?]) and Dann.

Jeff is in NYC having fun getting handjobs from Jimmy
Fallon and Justin Timberlake, while Dante is a flake who
*ahem* "forgot" about the podcast.

Manifest Destiny #3
Drumhellar #3
Sex Criminals #4
Quantum and Woody #7
Riff Raff of Jose Conseco fame
Sheltered #6
Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-man #3
X-Factor #1
Avengers World #1
Marvel Knights: Spidey

Hosted by Ian and Dann!

133: The 2013 Incompy Awards! // January 3, 2014

We did it! Another year down! Which implies we have
less years...of...being a podcast? living? huh.

Join us in our year-end (we're two days late...SUE US!)
wrap-up where we run through the list of our favorite
comic related topics of the year and play clips from
our favorite IC3 bits throughout 2013!

With 2013 gone we've got our eyes set on 2014's eager,
dripping pußy, quivering with excitement for when we
rear our legs and pounce beard first into its swollen
lips! 2014...you animal!

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, and in his first Incompy's appearance: Ian!

132: Quinoa // January 1, 2014

Ian got drunk and wanted to record an episode at 2 am
on New Year's Day. So we did. Doctor Fluxx joined us,
and in (probably) a PODCASTING FIRST, we rang in the
New Year with him as we recorded! #sad

Check back in a couple days for THE 2013 INCOMPIES!

"Hosted" by Jeff and Ian
With guest host Doctor Fluxx from Feed it Comics

131: A Conversation with Jeff and Ian // December 23, 2013

Due to the upcoming midweek holiday happenings and stuff,
this episode is bit different than our usual bad podcast.
Don't get me wrong, it's still bad, BUT this is basically
just a long casual chat between your two favorite non-brown
hosts of IC3.

Topics discussed this episode are:

  1. Listen to the intro

Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, uhhh...HapMerpy(?) Winter Solstice?

Hosted by Jeffeneezer Scrooge and JacBob Marley

130: The Sadcast IV: Glass Sock // December 19, 2013

Dante has returned, and he did with a vengeance!
That is, if the definition of "vengeance" isn't actually "with
great power or force" and is instead "with some power (bottoming)
and cold sores."

No but really tho gaiz, Daint is back and he has to address some
things we talked about without him, which turns out is mostly
Doctor Who related.

Then Jeff takes us on an unexpected journey into how he spent
several years of his childhood which involve alcohol, broken
bottles, and dad.

Oh yeah! Twerking dinosaurs are brought up, too! So THAT'S fun,

Black Science #2
Saga #17
Eternal Warrior #4
The Sixth Gun #36
Wonder Woman #26
Young Avengers #14
Thor: God of Thunder #16

Hosted by Sad and Sadder

129: Two Beasts Make the Two Beasts with Two Beast Backs // December 13, 2013

This is our second longest episode (just behind the Thanksgiving
special with Doc Fluxx), so just as a note: if you listen to us
mostly for the laughs, after the first segment skip ahead to the
two hour mark unless you like hearing The Competent Comic Cabal
Cast deconstruct the massive list of issues for over an hour.

We briefly get into the Doctor's regenerations, we review a rap
album, oh yeah and we talk about James' FUCKING KICKSTARETER FOR
HIS BOOK "ARISE" which you can find by clicking on this link:


Dead Body Road #1
Manifest Destiny #2
Superman / Wonder Woman #3
Justice League 3000 #1
The Shaolin Cowboy #3
FBP #6
Alex & Ada #2
Krampus! #1
Superior Foes of Spider-man #6
Invincible #107
Batman #26
DrumHellar #2
Chew #38
Sabertooth Swordsman TPB
Harbinger #19
Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2
Marvel Knights: Hulk #1
Walking Dead #118 / Mighty Avengers #4 / Lazarus #5 / Coffin Hill #3

Hosted by Lord Jeff, The Dame Ian Dench, Sir Dann, and Sir James!

128: Urkel Drone // December 5, 2013

Talking points include:

  1. Ian's Thanksgiving
  2. Celebrity chicken
  3. Bare feet
  4. Trapper keepers
  5. Supporting hate organizations
  6. Pizza
  7. Drones
  8. Comics
In that order.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9
God is Dead #4
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2 #4
Quantum and Woody #6
The Mocking Dead #4
Burn The Orphanage #2
Shadowman #13
Avengers Annual #1

Hosted by Ian and Jeff!
Sponsored by Butterscotch Fontaine

127: Thwartsgiving // November 28, 2013

As you sit at the dinner table this Thanksgiving, surrounded
by family and loved ones, your hands will be clenched under
the table, sweating and clammy, dreading the moment when the
"Tell-Us-What-You're-Thankful-For Circle"©IC3 2011-2013 finally
reaches its way to your ungrateful ass.

That's where WE come into play.
Obviously, you have to start with the basics, what everyone expects:
"I'm thankful for my mom, my dad, my grandma, for grandpa's ghost, for
the X-BOX, for the United States of the USA, for Dr. Pepper, for Dr.
Pepper knock-offs which are sometimes even better than or equal to
the real Dr. Pepper such as Dr. Thunder, Mr. Pibb, Mr. Pibb Xtra, the
ill-fated Mr. Green from Sobe (it had ginseng! GINSENG!), for the
lizard mascot of the aforementioned Mr. Green (with ginseng!) from Sobe,"

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

But don't end there! No sirree! You've gotta go out with a bang and give
your drunk aunt and future 16 and Pregnant star cousin (you know who you
are, Miranda!) the "Tell-Us-What-You're-Thankful-For Circle"©IC3 2011-2013
moment that they'll remember forever!

So after your moving tribute to fallen soft drink mascots from yesteryear
you can EXCLAIM that YOU are thankful for this DOUBLE-SIZED EPISODE of
! ! ! T H E I N C O M P E T E N T C O M I C C A B A L C A S T ! ! !
because much like this written episode desription, it is way too long,
doesn't make too much sense, and will make you smirk...but not chuckle.

Black Science #1
Infinity #6
Samurai Jack #2
Pretty Deadly #2
Rat Queens #3
Brain Boy #3
Saga #16
Kick-Ass 3 #5
Afterlife With Archie #2
Deadpool Annual #1 / Nova #10 / Superior Spider-man #22 / The Walking Dead #117

Hosted by Jeff and Ian!
With special guest Doctor Fluxx from FEED IT COMICS! (www.feeditcomics.com)

126: whispercast 2: whisperic boogaloo // November 22, 2013

There's one thing that people of Earth and the people
of off Earth CAN agree on, and its that sloths are weird.

The Wake #5
Harley Quinn #0
X-Men #7
Sex Criminal #3
Eternal Warrior #3
Young Avengers #12
Green Lantern: New Guardians #25
Sheltered #5
Wonder Woman #25
Superior Spider-man Annual #1
Superior Spider-man Team-Up #6 / Uncanny X-Men #14 / Samurai Jack #2 / Avengers #23

Hosted by Ian, Dante, Dann, and Jeff!
Recorded live from the NAMBLoft!



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