Poppets Mint


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Poppets Mint Clifton Observatory

poppets mint creams covered in milk chocolate the perfect afternoon snack flavour mint size 150g approx browse more chocolate online and buy instore at bm


paynes poppets mint and toffee the mint poppets are a soso dark chocolate coating around a mildy minty fondant center the pieces were pseudospherical in that they were round but irregularly shaped they were slightly refreshing and that combined with their poppability earns them an om toffee poppets are similarly sized and shaped, poppets mint remember shaking these packets even if you didnt you probably remember the sound the chocs made as you poured them out the box poppets toffee from 120 mint imperials from 119 chocolate coins 2p sterling from 120 weirds strawberry orange dweebsnerds from 100, just popped in to review poppets and its the mint edition lets see how they do